Our Governors

The Governing Body oversees all aspects of school life and meets frequently throughout the year. There are Three elected parent governors whose function is to represent your interests. Governors are present at most events and are very happy to chat with you. Parents who wish to contribute to the work of the governing body should contact the chair of governors through the school office.

The governing body has a constitution of 12 members

Name Category Appointing body Term of office Serving on committee Positions held
Mrs Shirley Nicholas-Bond Head Teacher
Mr John Forder Co-opted Governing Body 4 Years Finance Chair of Governors
Mrs Lisenka Excell Staff Staff 4 Years
Mr David Palframan Co-opted Governing Body 4 Years Finance and Pay Chair of Finance Committee
Mr Steve Poxton Co-opted Governing Body 4 Years Finance  School Council
Mr Ian West Local Authority Governing Body 4 Years
Mrs Susan Boardman Parent Parents 4 Years Finance Vice Chair of Finance Committee
Mrs Sarah Thomas Co-opted Governing Body 4 Years  SEN and Pupil Premium
Mrs Vicky Gough Parent Parents 4 Years  Safeguarding
Mr Ian Hammond Co-opted Governing Body 4 Years Pay Vice Chair of Governors, Health & Safety and Development & Training and Chair of Pay Committee
Mrs Rosie Earle Co-opted Governing Body 4 Years
John Williams Parent Parents 4 Years  SEN & Pupil Premium
Sandra Wolfe Clerk Governing Body



Governor Attendance SEPT 2015- JULY 2016

FULL GOVERNING BODY MEETINGS                                                 FINANCE MEETINGS

Mrs Shirley Nicholas-Bond      100%                                                       100%

Mr John Forder                          100%                                                        83.33%

Mr David Palframan                 100%                                                        100%

Mr StevePoxton                        90%                                                           100%

Mrs Susan Boardman                50%                                                         66.66%

Mrs Sarah Thomas                   100%

Mrs Vicky Gough                       100%

Mr Ian Hammond                     100%

Mrs Rosie Earle                           70%

John Williams                           87.5%

Jane Beesley                                70%

Aly Rook                                     100%

Ian West (Associate)                 100%