Exam and assessment results

Our staff are committed to ensuring all children are ‘the best that you can be’ and achieve their full potential during their time at Netley Abbey Junior School.

Our exciting new assessment framework ensures that we have breadth and challenge for all abilities, which is underpinned by SOLO Taxonomy and the use of quality feedback to develop learners who question, reflect and challenge themselves and their peers. Having a growth mindset is an important quality that we instil in all of the children and our new assessment judgements help us to develop children and allow them to grow as a learner, where ever their starting point.

We will be reporting, using our new assessment judgements from this year after a careful consultation and trial period with children and the staff. Our new judgements consist of:

Beginning   Beginning + Working Within Working Within + Secure   Secure +

These will allow us to be specific in targeting where children need to go next in their own individual learning journey! There will also be two further sections; Modified Curriculum, for those currently working below their age-related expectation and Enrichment, for those working well-above.

Our latest headline results from the 2016 SATs tests.

  • Average progress score in reading was +3.2 (+1.8 to +4.6)
  • Average progress score in writing was +3.1 (+1.7 to +4.5)
  • Average progress score in maths was +3.1 (+1.9 to +4.3)
  • Our average scaled score in maths was 105
  • Our average scaled score in reading was 105


  • Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard or above in reading, writing and maths was 69%
  • Percentage of pupils achieving a higher level of attainment in reading, writing and maths was 11%