We encourage our children to look smart and be proud to wear our school uniform. It also ensures clothing is appropriate for school activities.

The uniform is :

Girls – Navy blue school sweatshirt, fleece or cardigan. White or blue blouse.Plain grey, navy blue or black skirtor trousers (not cropped trousers) Sensible shoes (without heels or strappy backs. not trainers). Girls-As Winter Uniform or school dress in blue/white.
Boys – Navy blue school sweatshirt or fleece Plain grey, navy blue or black trousers. White, grey or blue shirt. Sensible shoes (not trainers). Boys-As Winter Uniform or grey or black shorts (not below the knee or cropped trousers)

The wearing of jeans is not permitted.

The cost should not be more than for other clothes. Uniform can be bought from many retail stores but items bearing the school name can be purchased from:

Wearabouts 2

28, Victoria Road, WOOLSTON, Southampton, SOl9 9DX

Tel: 023 8042 1203

To order My Clothing embroidered school uniform, simply follow this link:

Uniform Embroidery Service

Jewellery is limited to one pair of stud earrings only, and/or a watch. Children should not wear jewellery or watches for PE. The school cannot take responsibility for these items.


Boys and Girls – Navy/black shorts

  • Plain white or house colour T-shirt-Black plimsolls/trainers
  • A long sleeved shirt/jumper or tracksuit can be worn when it is chilly

The children can only derive the maximum benefit from lessons if they are dressed as requested, as unsuitable clothes can be a hazard. Earrings (stud type) and watches will be required to be removed for PE. lessons. A simple named bag in which to keep their kit is highly desirable.

Extra ‘accessories’ e.g. nail varnish are not considered appropriate. Coloured hair, shaved heads, Mohican, or other ‘fashionable’ hair styles are not allowed.


Much inconvenience, time wasting and distress will be avoided if this is done.


Our changing policy for PE is the one recommended by Hampshire County Council. Children will change together because we have no separate changing facilities. Therefore when changing for PE:

  • We encourage girls to wear crop tops and modest (shorts style) underwear on days they are timetabled for PE.
  • Where changing may become an issue as children get older in the Upper School the children can use screening within the classroom. In using this it displays trust in the children and there is an emphasis on self discipline relevant to their maturity. We reserve the right to withdraw this facility.
  • If more than one class is changing at the same time we can use separate classrooms for different groups. This can only be operated if lessons are held at exactly the same time.