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On Thursday 27th September, we held a  SATs information evening for Year 6 parents. We explained the process of National testing and how you can best prepare your child for them.

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SATS Evening 2018

If you have further questions about the SATs process, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.

On Thursday 27th September, we held a Learning and Interactive Night of Knowledge (LINK) meeting for year 3 parents to explain the high expectations of the junior school curriculum and how they can best support their child at home.

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LINK evening 2018

During the summer term, we held a parents information session to discuss the progression of the sex and relationships curriculum (SRE). Please see below for information about how we teach SRE in the junior school.

Relationships & Sex Education at Netley Abbey Junior School

The Department for Education published statutory guidance for schools teaching relationship and sex education in July 2000. It aims to provide a ‘lifelong learning about physical, moral and emotional development’. These guidelines are currently under review and we will inform you of any future changes.


Why does sex and relationship education (SRE) matter?

It is crucial that we support our children and young people in feeling good about themselves and their bodies. At the heart of effective SRE teaching is an intrinsic belief that we work to ensure that children develop high self-esteem. By giving children the language to talk about their body they are also empowered to tell others if they find themselves in a situation where they are made to feel uncomfortable.



  • To provide the knowledge and information to which all pupils are entitled
  • To clarify/reinforce existing knowledge
  • To raise pupils’ self-esteem and confidence, especially in their relationships with others
  • To help pupils understand their sexual feelings and behaviour, so they can lead fulfilling and enjoyable lives
  • To help pupils develop skills (language, decision making, choice, assertiveness) and make the most of their abilities
  • To provide the confidence to be participating members of society and to value themselves and others
  • To help gain access to information and support
  • To develop skills for a healthier, safer lifestyle
  • To develop and use communication skills and assertiveness skills to cope with the influences of their peers and the media
  • To respect and care for their bodies
  • To be prepared for puberty and adulthood
  • To make children aware of internet safety

Progression of Relationships and Sex education at Netley Abbey Junior School

During KS2, pupils need to be taught- How their body will, and emotions may, change as they approach and move through puberty. At Netley Abbey Junior School, we teach SRE using a scheme of work written by Coram Life Education. The following objectives are taught:

Year 3 Understand that animals have babies

Name the female internal reproductive organs

Discuss and understand the menstrual cycle

Year 4 Identify the emotions they may be feeling as they grow and how they can manage them

Identify the differences between male and female bodies and use the scientific terminology for external body parts

Identify how male and female bodies develop during puberty

Year 5 Identify the emotions they may feel as they move through puberty including how they can deal with conflict

Identify how male and female bodies develop during puberty

Discuss the use of products and objects they may need as they move through puberty (ie. deodorant, spot cream, sanitary products, hair growth)

Name male and female external body parts

Year 6 Manage changes in their lives

Recognise and challenge stereotypes

Recognise how images in the media do not always reflect reality and can affect how people feel about themselves

Discuss and learn about human conception and reproduction

On Friday 23rd of February, we held a parent forum to discuss homework.

The information collected was invaluable and many actions have been implemented with regards to homework. See below for the huge impact you had!

You said… We have…
Our children sometimes find homework tricky to understand. Homework is now skills based, focussing on the core knowledge the children need to learn.
You are sometimes unsure of the methods and terminology needed to help our children. We are currently creating homework support booklets for the children to use. This will include mathematical methods and English vocabulary. These will be added to the website when complete.
The children are unsure what to do when they are stuck. Homework club has started, so please encourage your children to take their homework to Sellwood class each Tuesday lunchtime.
You were happy with the amount of core homework given but sometimes project homework is too much. Project homework is now optional where children can earn CLICs for completing tasks.
Some children see reading and times tables as optional. Directed reading and times tables homework is now given. Practice sites are on the website.
Some children are worried if they forget their homework. All classes are given the same consequences for not completing homework. (They will have one chance to hand it in the following day, if this doesn’t happen, it will need to be completed at break time).

On Thursday 2nd March at 9am, we held a parents forum focussing on Reading. The discussions included:

  • Information about the best strategies to help your child with reading at home
  • Suggested reading books for your child that are age appropriate
  • Information about how the school is promoting pleasure for reading
  • Sharing your ideas for creating enthusiasm for reading at home
  • Sharing your ideas for creating enthusiasm for reading in school

Please click on the link below to see the information shared.

Reading Parent Forum March 2017

We held a Parent’s Forum on Friday 10th February. Following this, we have updated our Statutory SEN Report. Please find this in the Statutory Information section of our website.

On the 11th of November, we held a Parent’s Forum. Attached below are the outcomes of this.

Outcomes of the Parent Forum 11th November 2016

On Wednesday 3rd November, we held a Parents Forum meeting to discuss assessment. Please find the powerpoint below for your information, along with end of year parent guides.

On Thursday 24th January a Learning and Interactive Night of Knowledge was held for all parents. Objectives of the evening were:

  • To develop your understanding of mathematics and how we teach it
  • A brief insight into the mathematics curriculum
  • Methods of calculation taught at Netley
  • Supporting your children at home

Thank you to all who attended and took part with using the equipment. Based on feedback I have attached some documents that will allow you to print off paper copies of (some) the resources your children use in their lessons.

Video tutorials for all the calculation methods are currently in development and will be available on the website soon.

LINK evening slides

Printable resources:

Base10 Blocks

Place value chart THTO

Place Value Counters