Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities

Traditionally Year 6 are encouraged to take part in a five-day residential visit to Fairthorne Manor (an activity centre run by the YMCA). This is organised by the staff for the beginning of the autumn term and is an excellent way to develop team approaches and relationships that develop further over the year.

Through a multi-activity programme the children are provided with opportunities to realise their full potential to learn new skills, develop confidence and self image. Throughout the visit children are encouraged to develop self-discipline and consideration for others and the environment.

We are committed to providing a broad balanced creative curriculum for the children and invite visitors into school to enhance the opportunities for learning. We also provide a range of day activities to further enrich the children’s experience

Clubs Autumn 2018

Day Lunch After School (3.30-4.30pm)
Monday -Rhythm Club Y5 & Y6 in Priory Class

-Computing Lower School in ICT Suite

-Team Competition Practice (Invite only)

-Table Tennis All Years
Tuesday -Team Competition Practice (Invite only)

-Homework Club (All Years)

-Boys Football Y4, Y5 & Y6



Wednesday -Cross Country

-Spanish, All Years held in Wykeham Class


 -JEM Tennis


Thursday -Sign Language All Years held in Castle Class

-Girls Football All Years

-Young Voices Y5 & Y6 held in Beach class (Invite only)



Friday -Recorders (Y3 Y4 & Y5 held in the Library – own recorder needed

-Drama Club held in Moore/Sellwood (Invite only)

-Chelsea Football Club


-Intergr8 Dance All years held in the hall


Extra Curricular Clubs Autumn 2018