Welcome to Year 5

year 5

 Our 2018-19 curriculum map can be found here:

Year 5 Curriculum 2018-2019

Reading VIPERS for parents

We use our CLIC values to help us to learn to the best of our ability. We believe that every child has the right-

CLICC– to be a confident communicator

L– to learn

I– to improve their health

C– to be part of a community

At Netley Abbey Junior School, these ideas underpin all of our learning. With this in mind, please take some time to see what we have been up to in class.

If you would like any further information about our curriculum, please feel free to talk to our class teachers in the first instance who should be able to answer any queries. After talking to the class teacher, if there are any further enquires, they can be directed toward our head teacher.

Spring 2


English – Oranges in No Man’s Land

The children have really enjoyed reading the story of Ayesha, a child caught up in the civil war in Lebanon. The children have produced a range of writing outcomes responding to events in the books.

Welly Day

Today Year 5 had a Wellie Day, where we got the opportunity to take part in many fun outdoor activities and learn things we wouldn’t normally learn. Which included: going Scavenger hunt for natural objects, looking round the playground for clues to a word and making paint with natural resources.






Spring 1

English – The Wolves of Currumpaw

This term we studied the book The Wolves of Currumpaw by William Grill. Set in New Mexico, this is the story of a famous wolf hunter, Ernest Seton,who come up against Lobo, ‘The King of Wolves.’ It was based on Seton’s own book he wrote from personal experiences at the time during 1892.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the book, and were shocked and saddened by the ending. They wrote diary entries in role and engaged in various discussions involving wolf hunting.

We continued this theme of North America through art by looking at native American Indians and their art work. We created dream catchers and weaved wool in Native American style.



Autumn 2

What a busy term so far! The children have been working hard in their learning as well as rehearsing for the Christmas performance of ‘Bah-Humbug.’ We hope to see lots of family and friends of the children attending a show.

During this term we have really been enjoying the book Journey to Jo’burg. Whilst reading this, we have learnt so much about apartheid, how it affected many South Africans and what it might have been like for children living there at the time.

Throughout the unit we have been writing letters from a range of viewpoints, creating informative leaflets and even writing a flashback!  The children have thoroughly enjoyed this book.


In design technology this term the children have made Saxon carts. They used bench hooks and hacksaws to cut lengths of wood before finally decorating the carts.


Welly Day – What a superb day of learning outside. The children loved exploring our school grounds looking at the natural resources and being creative and imaginative with them. Well done.



Autumn 1

Homework help

Please see the link on key grammatical terms that your child will be learning about.

A Parents Guide to Grammar

Recommended Reads

Many parents have asked if we can recommend age-appropriate challenging texts for their child.

Below are links to two book lists of ‘recommended reads’ which are suitable for Year 5 Readers and for More Able Readers:

SLS Booklists Recommended Reads Year 5

SLS Booklists Able Readers at KS2


What have we been learning this term?


Matchbox diary

In English we have been learning about a story called The Matchbox Diary. It is based on a little boy who is an immigrant and is very poor. He lived Italy and moved to America to see his dad and collected matchboxes and put memories inside. We have written letters about it and collected our own memories in a matchbox. We are now trying to write a narrative and include our steps to success and noun phrases.


In maths we have been learning about adding and subtracting large numbers and learning about angles and how we can estimate them. Recently, we have been learning about perimeter and how to work out lengths of missing sides.

Guided reading

In guided reading we have been using vipers to help us with our learning. Vipers stand for:

Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, Summarise

We have been learning about The Matchbox Diary as well as deciding which are facts and opinions.


In PSHE this term we have been learning about how we are all different in different ways. We have designed a family shield to show how our family is unique.

Tilly, Evie and Eleanor

Miss White — Sellwood

Mr Archer and Mrs Hance — Moore

Mr Wakeford — Crescent

We would like children to have their PE kit in school every day, however, we understand that they do need washing. P.E. kits will be sent home at the end of each term. 

PEOur PE days are-

Sellwood: Tuesday and Friday

Moore: Tuesday and Thursday

Crescent: Tuesday and Wednesday

Homework is given out on a Friday and is collected in on the following Wednesday.

Homework includes either an English or maths task related to the work taught that week or may be a revision of a concept taught earlier in the term. Weekly spellings are also given and these will include important key words, as well as words with a particular pattern or rule.

Occasionally there may be a project based task related to our class topic which would be completed over several weeks. This may be science, geography or history based and would encourage the children to complete their own research on an area that interests them.

Children are also expected to read regularly, updating their reading logs, and practise their times tables.

Tasks should take approximately an hour a week.