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year 5

 Our 2019 – 20 curriculum map can be found here:

Year 5 2019-2020 overview

Reading VIPERS for parents

We use our CLIC values to help us to learn to the best of our ability. We believe that every child has the right-

CLICC– to be a confident communicator

L– to learn

I– to improve their health

C– to be part of a community

At Netley Abbey Junior School, these ideas underpin all of our learning. With this in mind, please take some time to see what we have been up to in class.

If you would like any further information about our curriculum, please feel free to talk to our class teachers in the first instance who should be able to answer any queries. After talking to the class teacher, if there are any further enquires, they can be directed toward our head teacher.


Homework help


Please see the link on key grammatical terms that your child will be learning about.

A Parents Guide to Grammar

Recommended Reads

Many parents have asked if we can recommend age-appropriate challenging texts for their child.

Below are links to two book lists of ‘recommended reads’ which are suitable for Year 5 Readers and for More Able Readers:

SLS Booklists Recommended Reads Year 5

SLS Booklists Able Readers at KS2


Miss White — Sellwood

Mr Archer and Mrs Hance — Moore

Miss Hansell — Crescent

We would like children to have their PE kit in school every day, however, we understand that they do need washing. P.E. kits will be sent home at the end of each term. 

PEOur PE days are-

Sellwood: Wednesday and Friday

Moore: Monday and Tuesday

Crescent: Monday and Wednesday

Homework is given out on a Friday and is collected in on the following Wednesday.

Homework includes either an English or maths task related to the work taught that week or may be a revision of a concept taught earlier in the term. Weekly spellings are also given and these will include important key words, as well as words with a particular pattern or rule.

Occasionally there may be a project based task related to our class topic which would be completed over several weeks. This may be science, geography or history based and would encourage the children to complete their own research on an area that interests them.

Children are also expected to read regularly, updating their reading logs, and practise their times tables.

Tasks should take approximately an hour a week.

Autumn 2

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone that supported our healthy snack sale before half term. The children really enjoyed the unit and their understanding of the benefit of research and profit versus cost improved greatly as a result.



This term we are looking at the cultural text “Journey to Jo’burg” written by Beverley Naidoo. This story explores racial inequality in South Africa during the apartheid. During this unit, we will be improving our understanding of the  “Show not tell” method and writing some persuasive arguments based on the main characters’ experiences.

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Autumn 1

Image result for the matchbox diary

This term we explored the book “The Matchbox Diary” which tells the story of a man reflecting on his childhood. As a poor boy with no education, he wasn’t able to write a diary so instead he collected objects to help him remember his past.

While exploring this text, we discussed key themes such as immigration and loss to help us write letters to and from the key characters discussing their experiences.

We also looked at this text in our reading lessons. We focused on developing our retrieval and inference skills in particular.

Image result for romeo and juliet play cover

Recently we have been visited by the Young Shakespeare Company. We really enjoyed their performance of “Romeo and Juliet” and have since been writing newspaper reports on the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio. We have been working hard to make sure we include relative clauses and punctuate our quotes correctly.

Outdoor Learning

On Friday 11th October, we braved the wet and windy weather to take our learning outdoors. One activity relied upon us using our teamwork and communication skills to find the answers to questions placed around the school site. Some of us also applied our mathematical understanding of how to calculate the area of a shape to work out the area of the different leaves we found.


Mexican Afternoon

As part of our Spanish work, we have been exploring the country and culture of Mexico. We have tried using warm and cool colours to design our own Mexican suns and had a go at learning the Mexican Hat dance too!

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 Capture mexican Hat dance