Welcome to Year 4


Our 2016/7 curriculum maps can be found here:

Year 4 Autumn Term

Year 4 Spring Term

Year 4 Summer Term

We use our CLIC values to help us to learn to the best of our ability. We believe that every child has the right-

CLICC– to be a confident communicator

L– to learn

I– to improve their health

C– to be part of a community

At Netley Abbey Junior School, these ideas underpin all of our learning.

If you would like any further information about our curriculum, please feel free to talk to our class teachers in the first instance who should be able to answer any queries. After talking to the class teacher, if there are any further enquires, they can be directed toward our head teacher.

Year 4 trip to Netley Abbey

On the 24th, 25th and 26th of May, each year 4 class enjoyed a fantastic visit to the Netley Abbey ruins in the village. This was in connection with our history topic on the local area, and changes the abbey has been through from the 13th century, to the present day. The children were excited to see evidence of the monastic community, ancient graffiti markings, and proof that the famous poet Keate had visited the site during the 18th century.

The children’s behaviour was exemplary and they had a brilliant morning exploring the ruins.

Well done year 4, and a big thank you to Miss Hansell for organising our trips!

Year 4 Sketching

Last half term, year 4 worked hard on their pencil and sketching skills to produce some beautiful drawings of trees across the seasons. We studied how leaves change colour, texture and shape and tried to represent these changes through shading and cross-hatching.

Autumn Term

This term Year 4 have enjoyed a trip to the Nuffield Theatre for a production of Fantastic Mr Fox. They displayed some fantastic behaviour for learning, well done everyone.

We worked hard towards our Christmas Around the World production and successfully took part in four performances. They also wowed with their music concerts in ukulele, African drumming and the recorder.

We enjoyed learning about the meaning of Christmas and took the children to St Edward’s Church for a special Christingle service, led by Reverend Sanday.

Many thanks to all parents and friends who supported their children in performances this term.

Mr Schneider —- Westwood

Miss Hansell —- Crescent

Miss White —- Wykeham

We would like children to have their PE kit in school every day, however, we understand that they do need washing!PE

Our PE days are-

Westwood – Monday and Thursday

Crescent – Tuesday and Thursday

Wykeham – Tuesday and Wednesday

Spelling homework

We will a spelling scheme across the whole school (No Nonsense Spelling) which means that all children in Year 4 will receive the spellings for the same spelling pattern. Some children will receive five spellings for the spelling pattern plus five high frequency words. Others will receive ten spelling pattern words. Some weeks these will be made up of the children’s own statutory words that they need to practise from the Year 3/4 Spelling Appendix. This list is stuck into the front of the children’s homework books.

Times Tables

Please continually practise your child’s times tables with them over the year. May we remind you of the Government expectation that children should know all times tables up to x 12 by the end of Year 4. With this in mind, it is important children consolidate their learning regularly at home in order to meet age related expectations.

Homework will be given out on a Friday, and due back on the following Wednesday. Spelling tests will take place on a Friday.

During the Spring Term children will also be given an English or Maths homework to complete each week. This is to consolidate their learning from the week in school.