Whilst Netley Abbey Junior School offers a range of facilities, unfortunately our on site parking is limited and shared with the Infant school.  The shared car park consists of two zones, one within the school gates and an outer zone running along the edge of Infant school. We therefore ask all visitors to the school to park on the roads in the local area unless there is space in the outer car park. If you are bringing heavy equipment into school, the inner car park can be accessed by opening the gate as it is not locked but we do ask that the gate is closed on leaving.

Staff Parking

The school provides parking for school staff. The gates to the inner car park are kept closed between 8:40 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon to minimise traffic movement at these peak times. Staff arriving outside these times should park in the outer car park or on the roads adjacent to the school.

Parents Parking

The school does not provide access or parking on the school site for parents, with the exception of disabled parents or where there is an individual safety concern. Parents who are dropping off children before 8.15am to attend Creative Kidz may use the outer school car park to do so.


Children are not permitted in the school car park at any time unless they are accompanied by their parent / guardian. Children are not permitted to open / close the gates for vehicles to gain access / exit.

Deliveries and Contractors

Wherever possible, deliveries to the school should be arranged outside of the school day.  Access is provided for contractors, but this should be arranged outside school hours where possible.

After School Hire

Parking is available to hirers of school facilities but access to the inner car park for parents is restricted as above, hirers are responsible for ensuring that safe practices are in place and adhered to.

School run events will be considered on an individual basis as to whether parking is available for parents for the event if necessary.

There is an expectation that all vehicle users on the school site drive with care and caution in recognition of the likely presence of children on the school site.